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Michael Crouser Photography

Posted on: 3 March 2007

I was reviewing a photographer’s site–one my daughter wants to hire for her upcoming wedding, when a link to their blog landed me at Michael Crouser Photography. It was interesting to see the way the photographer paired contrasting, yet similar images in the Client Portfolio. I like this touch. Among other notable items on the site include some of the work performed for advertisers, editorials and a list of very prominent clients. The one item that I enjoyed the most was under projects.

Michael Crouser is a rare kind of visual sociologist. My favorite project is “Los Toros”. The Introduction to this project indicates that the project covered a span of 16 years and four countries (Spain, Mexico, South America and France). The photos are all black and white and cover a timespan of the bullfighter from the morning of an exhibition to the end of the day. A story can and indeed is told through the viewing of these photographs.

In March 2006 Michael Crouser was nominated for the Santa Fe Prize for Photography for the series “Los Toros.” In May 2006, SILVER, the black and white print competition sponsored by Calumet and Ilford awarded Michael Crouser a Judge’s Choice Award for his toned silver gelatin print entitled “Aguas Vista” from the series “Los Toros.”


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