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Don Schimmel Photography

Posted on: 8 March 2007

On my drive home from Sacramento yesterday I stopped at Harris Ranch for a late lunch. Sacramento is between 4 and 5 hours from my hometown depending on traffic and of course the speed you are willing to drive. Harris Ranch is not quite midway between the two. I was feeling very tired and ready to get out and stretch my legs and was hoping a little nourishment might keep me going for the rest of the drive and all that I had yet to do throughout the evening.

Lunch was delicious. After I ate I went to the ladies room to wash up before leaving and that’s when I noticed them…framed photographs covering the walls of the hallway that led to the restrooms. What an obscure place to hide such beautiful photographs. I began to really take notice. Harris Ranch is, as the name implies, a ranch. The “theme” of the place is clearly western. The photos covering that wall were photos of cowboys all taken by Don Schimmel.

I must have walked up and down that hallway 20 times debating whether or not to purchase a signed, numbered edition of one of these prints. I am not generally a fan of western photography, yet theses photographs of real cowboys and cowgirls framed in barnwood really had an American feel to them. I found one what was a lithograph print but the majority were photos. The colors were vibrant and the quality seemed clear…except for one. Naturally this was the one that I wanted. “Light in My Eyes” (found under Western Lifestyles), really caught my eye (no pun intended). I just didn’t care for the way the picture looked noisy and pixelated when viewed up close. I think perhaps that this may have been intentional or may have been caused when the background of the lady on the fence was blurred.

I eventually went to the gift store and inquired about the prints and when I learned about Don Schimmel’s website I knew it would be best for me to take some time and review online. If I decide to purchase a print or a framed one, I know I have another conference in Oakland at the end of the month and so will be driving past Harris Ranch yet again.


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