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Attention Visual Sociologists…

Posted on: 13 March 2007

I’m a photographer. However, my education and background are in Sociology. I have adapted my concentration to an area of Visual Sociology which allows me the pleasure of combining two of my loves. My most recent project involves a study of graffiti. In order to “show” what it is I am discussing, I have found it necessary to snap photos of the graffiti and then record the exact street location. This means that it has become necessary that I download those photos fairly quickly after shooting them and get the metadata recorded so as not to lose it in the translation, forgetting which data goes with which photos. That is, until now… JOBO has solved my geographic picture-taking dilemma:

The new JOBO photoGPS is a revolutionary photographic accessory designed to eliminate the difficulty digital photographers have finding and sorting their digital photos on a PC. The photoGPS totally simplifies this undesirable sorting process, saving you time and energy as well. The photoGPS is a small, lightweight GPS receiver that fits on your digital camera’s hot shoe just as if it were a regular flash unit. No extra cables are needed. The photoGPS allows automatic geo-tagging of useful geo-data such as country, city, street and point of interest. Instantaneous capturing of information, low power consumption and a long battery life are only some of the features that make photoGPS so extraordinary!

It should be available by Summer 2007.


1 Response to "Attention Visual Sociologists…"

Hey there, just came across this. Did anything come of your graffiti study? I’m embarking upon something similar and would love to hear more about yours.

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