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Another Plus For Apple

Posted on: 20 March 2007

I’m a PC user. I have been all my life. I have, however considered converting to the world of Apple for a number of years now. What keeps me from doing so? Cost. It’s not so much the initial cost of the machine. A Mac Book Pro costs relatively as much as a Sony VAIO. The cost comes in when I consider having to purchase all new software–Apple software as opposed to Windows-based software. Today there is another reason to lean heavily toward that Mac Book Pro.

Adobe has made a statement that it has no plans to make current products Windows Vista compatible. They say however, that they will make future products Windows Vista compatible. Let’s see…that means I have a couple of choices. If I purchase a new PC computer it will most likely come with Windows Vista installed. I can uninstall that OS and install a previous OS (say Windows XP if I can still purchase it somewhere) and then install my older software….OR…. I can purchase all new software from Adobe and install that software???? DOH!

You may recall from an earlier post that Photoshop doesn’t like Windows Vista. Well, as it turns out, Photoshop is not the only product from Adobe that doesn’t play well with Windows Vista. That means purchasing Creative Suite; not just Photoshop. Now we’re talking some serious bucks.

Talk to me Apple.

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