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Cleaning Digital Cameras

Posted on: 24 March 2007

I’ve been looking for good articles on how to properly clean the CCD of a D-SLR. I’ve had those ugly recurring spots in my photos that I use the Photoshop healing brush to remove. However, I know that a good cleaning can remove those spots from future photos and increase my turnaround time.

Cleaning the CCD can be frightening. I’ve spoken with several folk and have found a few good articles on the subject. The most comprehensive site I’ve found so far is put on by Fargo Enterprises and is quite simply called Demystifying D-SLR Sensor Cleaning. Not only do they walk you through the cleaning process by virtually holding your hand, they also give a great review of cleaning products (pros and cons) and links on where to purchase these products.

If you’re planning on cleaning your D-SLR sensor anytime soon, I highly recommend you visit this site first and maybe a few of these others also:


1 Response to "Cleaning Digital Cameras"

This is a good topic, and many new dSLR photographers are somewhat scared by the notion of cleaning a sensor. It’s important to convey that it’s not rocket science and it shouldn’t be a scary thing to do. It’s just a part of owning that type of camera — learn how to do it.

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