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Winogrand Film Online

Posted on: 10 April 2007

There is an excellent short film about Garry Winogrand now available online courtesy of Michael David Murphy’s fascinating 2point8.

You can also click here to view it. (via in-Public

This is a great learning opportunity. One of the interesting things I noted was that as he took pictures while on the streets (without a tripod) it appeared he took no aim. He merely glanced into the lens and shot the frame. It’s as though he has melded with the camera so much and taken so many photos in so many positions that he instinctively knows where to hold it in order to capture all that he wants to in the frame. As for aperture, shutter priority, iso…

One of my favorite quotes in the piece is, “All a photograph does is describe light on surface.

Later, toward the end of the piece someone asks him if he shoots every day and he says, “Yea, what else is there to do.” I love that. I absolutely love that. Now that’s the life for me.

There’s lots more Winogrand on 2point8.


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