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Editorial Freelancing

Posted on: 11 April 2007

John Loomis talks a little about his foray into the editorial freelance market right out of college. He offers his own personal experience and insight on what to expect for anyone looking forward to graduation this June and hoping to join the ranks of entrepreneurial greatness.

…in photography, wealth (or even being comfortable), seems to be an illusion. If you are working a lot, getting paid handsome fees, selling a few stock images here and there, and not blowing your cash or working within a ridiculous amount of overhead, you should be making some coin, right?! Well, maybe.

It all depends on cash flow and diversification of income streams. No matter how much you are making on paper and how many invoices are 60 days out, if you aren’t getting a regular stream of checks you will fail. Being owed $30,000 or $100,000 doesn’t mean a fucking thing when you can’t afford your $1500 rent or $3000 mortgage. And when you add the sometimes insane cycle of being paid late (or very, very late) to the all too frequent instances of photographers (like me, fresh out of college) starting their BUSINESSES with a pile of debt (and incurring an even larger pile while trying to get things rolling in the first few years), then not getting paid is the edge of the world, and if you aren’t very very careful, you will fall off.

The solutions are several folds, but most of them sting or require a lot of patience….

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