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On Becoming a Working Photographer

Posted on: 12 April 2007

If you are on the path to becoming a professional photographer, or are considering that road, here is Part 1 of a 2 Part article on a personal journey towards that goal. 

For the next couple of days Damon Webster from PhotoInduced is providing extracts from ON BECOMING A WORKING PHOTOGRAPHER by Lorenzo Bevilaqua. From Part 1, the most notable advice I found was,

Being open to opportunity is a very important thing. The more you are out on the street (meaning assisting, shooting, and promoting) the more likely you are to get hit by a passing opportunity for either a job, or the chance to work with other talented support people who will work with you in exchange for prints for their portfolios, etc. You need to be in harm’s way. You can’t find clients by watching TV.

To me this is akin to what any photographer worth his/her weight will tell you about getting started (and for that matter continuing in the field)…to be a good photographer, you’ve got to take photos…lots and lots of photos. Garry Winogrand would say take photos everyday. Why not? What else is there to do?

Here’s a link to Part 2.


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