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A Good Way to Show Panoramas Online

Posted on: 16 April 2007

The main problem is that photo stitching software is an absolute beast to find, expensive, and often difficult to use. Then, finally, when you have managed to put together a good panorama, it’s impossible to show it to your friends easily. Scrolling back and forth on your screen is nifty enough, of course but… but… but… That’s so un-Web 2.0! … Luckily, there’s a solution. Think of it as Flickr and YouTube, but for panoramas: It’s free to use, has free stitching software, and all that. It’s best trick, however, is its panorama viewer: You can embed your panoramas into your website, YouTube-style. It’s all done in Flash, of course, and any standard browser with Flash built in (that’s 98.49% of you, but I’m just guessing. Proper statistics? Pah!) will be able to look at the panoramas without any hassle. Sounds simple, right? But the stupid truth of the matter is that there’s only one website out there that does this in any sort of satisfactory way… The website in question is CleVR. … (via Photocritic


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