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On a personal note…BACKUP

Posted on: 18 April 2007

My Sony VAIO VGN-T350P took a dump on me.

Yes, they say laptops are more prone to this kind of stuff (dumping and/or dying prematurely) than desktops. If you think about it, the “abuse” my laptop has taken simply through travel as opposed to a desktop which sits atop a desk and rarely gets moved… Well, the odds are something is bound to go awry sooner rather than later. Which brings me to the topic for today- BACKUP.

Yes, you’ve no doubt heard the jokes, the admonishments, the reminders and on and on.


And not just one copy or two copies, but THREE copies are preferred.

I have what I believe to be a good backup of my hard drive. I use the BounceBack software that came with the Seagate External Hard Drive I purchased some time back. I set the reminder to remind me to backup every three days and I backup my hard drive every 3 days, give or take a day. Additionally, I also have a Western Digital External Hard Drive that I use to backup my photos to periodically. I try to backup my photos daily but admit that this schedule more accurately coincides with my Seagate backups. Now that takes care of two backups. The third backup should ideally be at a different physical location. The reasoning for this is primarily mother nature (floods, fire, earthquakes…) but also thieves, burglars and other mishaps that might cause one to lose your data. Should any one of these occur, it is nice to be able to go to the office, to the train station, to a friend or relatives and retrieve your data which can be stored on CDs, DVDs, or an external hard drive. Alas, I am remiss in this area. I do not have a third external backup.

Another possibility is online data storage. There are a number of these online data storage warehouses to choose from. I do not want to recommend any particular one but instead want to warn you that if you have lots of data to store (particularly RAW photo files) the cost of storage online can get real expensive. If money is no object, this is of course an ideal way to go since you can access your data from virtually anywhere that you have Internet access. A definite PRO to this type of media storage system.

So, the long and short of this is that once I get the Recovery CDs/DVDs and hopefully get my PC back up and running I can plug in my Seagate and restore my hard drive. Theoretically of course. This assumes that the Sony gets back up and running with the Recovery disks. Oh the woes of a PC.

In the meantime, I’m looking at iMacs. I figure they’re less expensive than the MacBook Pro that I was originally looking at so I can likely get one sooner and if I am able to get the Sony back up and running, I can use it when I’m on the road.

It’s a working theory.

Stay tuned.

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