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Creating Perfect Fruit

Posted on: 12 May 2007

I’ve been working on a new project lately. I’m shooting fruits and vegetables. I’m using a white background technique I discovered over on the Strobist website. I’m finding out a styrofoam ice chest has those little bumps inside it and can be annoying if you don’t use enough depth of field to hide them or if you don’t use the macro lens and get up really close to the item you’re shooting. I’m also still playing a little with the light. At first I was just shooting with a flash and diffuser on the camera. Then I got a brilliant idea to cut a hole in the styrofoam and place a 60watt bulb in so that it’s shining on the object I’m shooting. Then I used both. The next step is to play with the white balance on the camera. (Haven’t had time to play with that yet). I’ll eventually add pictures of all, but for today, I just want to highlight the work done in Adobe Photoshop to make good looking fruit look perfect.


Looks pretty good huh? But wait…


Wouldn’t you rather eat this one? (I feel like the serpent in the garden). ;->


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