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What Shooting Mode Do You Shoot in Most?

Posted on: 19 May 2007

DPS is taking a little survey to find out what shooting mode you shoot in most. You should stop by and give a shout. As for me, it really varies a lot. I try to shoot in manual mode regardless of the camera or time of day. That being said, I don’t’ shoot motion at all so shutter priority is rarely needed. Sports photography is simply not my forte. If I’m shooting outdoors I like to shoot either in the early morning (just after sunrise) or late evening (just before sunset). I like to use Aperture Priority to get a light reading and then I usually switch to Manual Mode once that’s done. That’s a great benefit of digital SLRs. If I’m using medium format, … it’s manual all the way.

UPDATE:  The results are in already! Aperture Priority seems to be the fave!


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