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New (to me) Sites to Share

Posted on: 24 May 2007

I stumbled upon a couple sites today that I hadn’t seen before.

The first is a photography directory. At first glance I thought was just someone’s page of photography links (you know, like the page I have). Well, it’s not. is huge. The tagline says, “Your gateway to Photography Sites on the Web!” and that’s exactly what it is. The Photography Links are listed by category and there are over 6700 links in the 46 categories. I decided to give it a try so I clicked on Fine Art Photography to see where I would go to see the 73 links. The page that came up next informed me that there were 73 links and these links or sites were listed on 4 pages. The sites are each numbered and rated. The site with the highest rating appears first on page 1. really is a wealth of information. Photographers really should check it out.

The other new website I discovered today is is a Photo of the Day contest celebrating the beauty and diversity of the planet. They feature a new photograph every day submitted by visitors.


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