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Wish You Were Here

Posted on: 24 June 2007

Got to use a couple of lenses from Canon yesterday. I started out with a 10-22mm wide angle. Then I decided to switch to a 70-200mm telephoto. The photo below is Yosemite Falls taken from the Visitors Center where we all gathered before separating into groups. The folks from Canon were very helpful and willing to answer questions about anything (photography related of course). There were 4 groups of about 8-10 people in each group. Each group varied by skill level. I was fortunate enough to get into the group with Steve Johnson. It was referred to as the group that wanted to learn more about the “heart and soul” of photography.

Steve began our workshop with a little talk before we even left the site to begin taking photos. Naturally there was the trying to figure out skill level and a brief discussion on camera/photography basics. He talked about viewing the histogram on your camera as a way to check out your photo as you are taking it instead of waiting until you get “home” and finding out something’s not right. He spoke a lot about really thinking about what it is you want to photograph and focusing on just that one piece and not just shooting randomly and then cropping and adjusting later. The real kick in the pants was his discussion on light. It was so cool that it coincides with Strobist’s current Lighting 102 course. Steve said that photography was really about shooting light and not so much about shooting objects and if we could really get that down, then we’d be well on our way to great photography. I’ve heard this before. It’s beginning to sink in.

Before completing our workshop we stopped again in a nice shaded area of the park and we sat and had an opportunity to ask Steve questions. There were all sorts of questions asked from specifics about f-stops and aperture settings to copyrighting and selling your work. Steve was gracious and helpful in sharing what he knows about running his own photography business, selling his work, and of course, taking photos. What a great day.


Title: Yosemite Falls
Location: Yosemite National Park, CA
Taken: 23 June 2007 at 9:41 a.m.
Camera: Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT
Lens: Canon EF 10-22mm
EXIF: ISO 100; 1/25 sec. at f/25


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