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Pixels to Inches

Posted on: 25 June 2007

I’ve had this little problem.

Over on PhotoBiz where I have my business website, I have a pixel standard that my images must be set to in order to load properly. The Welcome page for example loads photos 850×490 pixels. I tried to work with this by converting just the width when I go into Photoshop and “Save For The Web.” Often times this means the length comes out a little longer than 490 pixels but I figured PhotoBiz would resize appropriately. Well, it doesn’t. What happens is I get a photo uploaded that is not 850 wide but smaller.

So I figured I’d crop my original photo in Photoshop and then save for the web in exactly the 850×490 pixels before going to PhotoBiz. The problem is I need to know the dimensions of the photo in inches or centimeters in order to crop in Photoshop. That’s where this cool little conversion site comes in–Pixels to Inches (or Centimeters) Conversion. You simply put in the pixel dimensions, set the resolution (I use 72 for any web page), and voila it gives you the dimensions in inches. In this case: 11.81 x 6.81. Now set with the dimensions I can go back to Photoshop and crop to exactly an 850×490 pixel dimension.


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