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The Duck and The Lighting Guru

Posted on: 28 June 2007

Good things abound on the great World Wide Web.

  1. Our favorite photography comic strip What The Duck is going to be syndicated soon. Read all about it in the Syndicate Bingo section of What The Duck. How long did it take from submission to offer? According to Aaron: “179 days or; 5 months, 28 days; or 25 weeks (rounded).” Congratulations Aaron.
  2. David, over on Strobist has made a huge decision to take a year leave absence from the Baltimore Sun in order to spend more time with his family. That’s good for his family and good for Strobist followers. According to today’s post, he’s already got some great ideas lined up for Strobist:
    • I’ll be able to travel (i.e. more seminars) without burning up my vacation time. I am working on a long list of cities right now.
    • The website will be getting more thought, planning and focus.
    • I’ll have time to do more ambitious projects. Next month, for instance, I’ll be filming a full lighting course on DVD. I hope to have it available in October.

    Best Wishes David.

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