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Lighting 102 – Review

Posted on: 2 July 2007

David has posted the next lesson for those learning Lighting 102. It’s primarily a review and thankfully so. I welcome more time to work with the assignments we’ve had to become more comfortable with the intensity of the light, the distance of the light and of course the dreaded Inverse Square Law.

This week we are wrapping up control number one, lighting position. Other than getting the exposure correct, this is the most basic control. But it is also the foundation for just about any light that you will design. As you spend more time observing and creating various lighting angles, you’ll find that this process will begin to get intuitive. You’ll know exactly where to put your light(s) based on the look you have preconceived. And you’ll be able to look at an existing photo and understand where the various light sources are coming from. Even if you can’t see them. (

This last point is my goal. I want to fully understand light so that I can look at a photo and know exactly how the photo was lit. I still have plans to do Lesson 1.2 | Distance and Position over again, this time adjusting my f-stops accordingly with the distance.

After all, photography is not about people or objects…it’s about light.


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