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Posted on: 6 July 2007

I’ve taken up seriously studying light and it’s effects on photography. Perhaps some of my handful of readers may have noticed. I do believe photography is about capturing light (or the absence of). I have learned a lot from David over on and I am really enjoying both the Lighting 102 class and the recommend reading material.

In my search for more examples and explanations about light and photography I’ve come across a couple more blogs that I believe are worth sharing:

  1. Rui M. Leal recently began a blog called Lighting Mods. Rui has an extensive biography in photography that takes him to countries around the world. Among them, Rui is a regular correspondent of Getty Images and WENN agencies. He is also an International correspondent for the AIP (American Image Press) and for the American International Magazine “Today’s Photographer Magazine” (Verification Code # 74703LEA) and Official photographer of the Big Casino Nights 2004 in Casino Estoril. In his first post, he states, “This blog thing started out when David from the Strobist saw my setups and ask me to make a blog with setups and Lighting Modifications that I had photographed and posted on Flickr… so I decided it was time to move forward and created it today. I will be posting some of the reviews and build ups for some stuff that are helping me out on building and getting a better photography.” Indeed there are many worthwhile tips and techniques that I’ve used already and the blog has only been up since June 14th.
  2. Another relatively new blog about lighting is Shutter Fug. Shutter Fug doesn’t offer any kind of a bio or a link to any page that might give one a clue as to who Donna is other than the lovely person who posts those great articles. The thing I like best about Donna’s posts are of course, the photos. Donna explains the difficulties she is encountering (for example photographing wine bottles) and then shows the reader her setup as well as the outcome. I get the impression Shutter Fug is another protege of Strobist.

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