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Strobist Assignment 2.1

Posted on: 15 July 2007

strobist-assignment.jpgI had several photos I took for this next assignment. I didn’t use an umbrella but I did take advantage of various other ways to diffuse light. You can check out the series of photos on my flickr page. Basically I set the flash on Tele and shot it above the seeds with and without a snoot. I also set the flash on Wide and aimed it toward the white ceiling with and without a dome lid atop of it.

I got to thinking that the point was to show that lighting up close with flash can be just as soft as lighting from afar (if you know what you’re doing). My photos in setup #1 and #2 (with and without the snoot set from just over the seeds) just didn’t look that soft, so I tried another attempt. I used setup #1 (no snoot, just close flash from above) and this time I placed the flash on Wide, added the 28mm wide angle lens filter, placed just the internal dome of my Gary Fong lightsphere over the flash. NOW we’re getting some softening with a flash closeup.

The photos I show here show two different lighting setups but both are, in my opinion, soft and don’t have that harsh flash look to them. The photo on top was taken with the flash bouncing off of the ceiling. The photo on the bottom was taken using the technique I discuss in the previous paragraph.

I don’t know if I’m getting exactly what David is teaching, but I am learning that I can control my flash better thanks to the practice and helpful advise from the Stobist Flickr Group.


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