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The Next Lesson From Strobist

Posted on: 6 September 2007

I’ve been so busy with vacation and this new job prospect that I totally forgot to check for the next Lighting 102 lesson. Sure enough it was posted a couple of days ago. Balancing Light: Twilight. This sounds interesting.

…There is a correct exposure for a given ambient light scene. Sure, you can tweak it, say, half a stop up or down. But go much beyond that, and you move beyond “artistic license” to “I screwed up.”…

To really understand the concept of balancing light, many of you will have to expand your concept of a so-called proper exposure. After all, you are creating a scene that has precisely the tonal range that you want it to. You can use this ability to compress the tonal range of a photo, or to expand it. It’s up to you…. (via Strobist)

So let’s see what we get with this assignment.


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