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Flickr Email or Protect Me Please

Posted on: 11 September 2007

I have to admit I was a little ticked and perhaps even a little disturbed when I opened my email on Flickr today and read this:

Now anyone should know by now, that in this day and age that if you are going to put anything, and I mean ANYTHING up on the www (that’s WORLD WIDE WEB for those who may have forgotten what those w’s stand for) it’s up for scrutiny by anyone. That means ANYONE who has access to a computer (or perhaps a phone) with Internet access. If you don’t want folks viewing your photos, or your words for that matter, then you really have no business anywhere near a computer.

I hate to admit that these things happen but let’s be real folks.

Has anyone else used Flickr and received this email?


So other than simply avoiding the Internet how does one go about protecting your work online. There are some simple things that you can try which may or may not circumvent photo theft: watermarking your work, right-click disabling your work, and shrink wrapping your photos. You can read a little more about these here.

Digital Photography School (dPS) also offers a few ways to protect your photos.

The Online Photographer offers some suggestions too.

My favorite is this little intro from of zen and computing:

I would like to post some pictures online, but I don’t want anyone to copy them. How can I protect them from being stolen?

There is only one answer to this question, and it is a short one:

It cannot be done

Any method designed to stop visitors from downloading images can be circumvented by a person with the right set technical skills.

Once you understand and accept the fact that you cannot stop people from copying your images online, you still might want to try and slow them down. This article covers a few different roadblocks you can place between your images and their audience.

My suggestion is to find yourself a professional association to join. I am a member of the PPA (Professional Photographers of America). This group is wonderful for photographers. They offer all kinds of free advice and benefits to members including copyright assistance, legal resources, insurance, malpractice protection and a host of others. It’s well worth the price.


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