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Anne Geddes Details Her Triumph Over Self-Doubt and Skeptics

Posted on: 5 December 2007

You’ve seen her photographs all over in galleries, bookstores and cardshops. Those who love her work, adore her photos of babies. Those who don’t…well, they don’t

Either way, this is the “Pretty Woman” of photography. She had critics tell her:

“If I can give you some advice, just photographing babies is never going to work for you. You need to broaden your portfolio to include adults and animals.”

But Anne Geddes continued to pursue her passion and photograph what she knew and what she loved most.

As Geddes stresses, “What I’ve learned is that as long as you are passionate about something, and truly believe in what you’re doing, then you’ll be successful. … Keep your eye on that immediate goal and not on what you want in the future. … You’ve got to move forward, not necessarily in a straight line. Sometimes the path is twisted. But if you’re moving forward, you’re on the right track.”

Read the rags-to-riches story here.


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