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America By The Numbers

Posted on: 20 December 2007

It’s not exactly photography-related, but then that’s the beauty of it being my blog…I can deviate as I choose.

Actually I found the TIME Magazine article via A Photo Editor who was suddenly outraged to discover that according to the poll, photographers are a rather “unhappy” bunch of people.

…Not only does this study claim photographers are not happy it also reveals that most of the other unhappy occupations are all unskilled laborers. I find this very hard to believe and my only explanation is that the survey was somehow flawed and included people who don’t make a living as a photographer. I certainly can believe that you’re unhappy if you don’t make a living doing your job.My only other thought on this is that photographers lie about their occupation….

The TIME Magazine article in its entirety however is somewhat interesting.

…At some point today you will say a prayer, not floss, take a shower for 10 minutes but not sing in it, drive an eight-year-old car to work, spend 95% of the day indoors and 21⁄2 hours online, consume 20 teaspoons of added sugar and not save any money. On weekends, people over 75 spend 11⁄2 hours reading, while those from 15 to 19 spend seven minutes. On Thanksgiving, 88% will eat turkey; most Americans prefer the white meat; the rest of the world, the dark. The average family has more televisions than people—but we spend about the same amount of time watching them as we did 40 years ago.

In addition to the poll on Job Happiness you can also see charts on Commuting, How you spend your Time and Money, and America’s Annual Alcohol Consumption.


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