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Photographing People in Public

Posted on: 8 May 2008

We’re not talking paparazzi stuff here. We’re just referring to plain ole Joe’s and Jane’s like you and me walking the public streets. Now, there are security cameras just about everywhere you go. If you walk into any store or restaurant or bank or business or whatever you’re likely to have your photo taken along with your actions. Be careful you’re not picking your nose or scratching your butt. Then there are those cameras on the streets just waiting to take your photo as you zoom through a public intersection as the light quickly goes from yellow to red. So why is it some people are leery about having their photo taken in public. Well, obviously there are a lot of “nuts” out there and you just don’t know where your photo is going to end up. It’s a legitimate concern. However, as Thomas Hawk points out, there are very limited, if any, legal actions you can take. Do you really want to become agoraphobic just because you worry about someone taking your photo?

If You Put That Picture On The Internet I’ll Call My Lawyer

If You Put That Picture On The Internet I'll Call My Lawyer

This guy was on the corner of Stockton and Columbus in San Francisco yelling at a homeless man. Anger, conflict, drama — sounds like a great shot to me. I crossed the street but was unable to get anything interesting, since I only had my 50mm lens on the camera and I was just too far away.

However, Mr. Angry Overreaction Man decided that he now had a problem with me. He confronted me, demanding my camera. Of course, I refused. He got in my face and started threatening me, telling me that I cannot take his photo without his permission. I told him that yes, in fact, I can. He then walked up and bumped into me, trying to act tough. I told him that one more touch and I would call the police.

Of course, he didn’t like that very much, and at that point told me that if I put his picture on the internet, he would call his laywer. I assured him that his photo would be on the internet, and he then walked up and grabbed my camera lens. Well, that’s just not something that I will put up with, so I pulled the camera away from him and reached for my phone and started dialing. Once he saw that he turned away, still yelling threats, and continued on his way. [via Jeremy Brooks]

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