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20 Pointers For Running Your Business Out of Your Home

Posted on: 21 May 2008

Yes, it sounds like a good idea. Sure you think you’ll be saving lots of overhead. But what challenges lie ahead when you decide to run your business out of your home. David Ziser offers some advice based on his own personal experience:

Running your business from your home, although looks great on the surface – reduced costs, tax benefits, reduced overhead, convenience, no driving to work, etc. – it generally means making a few sacrifices for you and your family. What’s the reality? You take the space you are living in and now add a whole new business with all the business “stuff” that goes with it – desks, office equipment, phone lines, cameras, lighting gear, possibly employees etc. – it takes up space.

I don’t just mean that figuratively – your business at home takes up space physically in the house reducing the space available for your family members and other personal things. Emotionally it will certainly effect each family member because the family will occasionally feel the pressures of the business in your home. Be sure to consider time into the equation because it could crowd family time activities due to it’s intimately close proximity.

That said, let me give you a list of things to consider if you run your studio in your home. Here are 20 pointers of practical advice for running a residential studio (notice the phrasing). Most of these suggestions are based on my own experience of running my own photography business in a residential location for over 30 years. Good Luck!

Read the rest of the article to find out what the 20 pointers are.


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