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10 Interesting Things I Learned About Ansel Adams

Posted on: 23 May 2008

No, they’re not things I personally learned about Ansel Adams.

Robert ScobleMarc Silber, Rocky Barbanica and I had a great opportunity to spend two fantastic days with Michael Adams, Ansel Adams’ son, late last month in Yosemite. We were interviewing Michael for a new video show that Scoble, Silber and myself are working on for FastCompany.TV called PhotoCycle. Rocky is the producer.

During the course of our two days together, Michael took us to many of the historic places where Ansel Adams made some of his most compelling, dramatic enduring and iconic images of nature in Yosemite Valley. During these two days I was able to ask Michael tons of questions about his father and the business that he still runs today selling prints for the Ansel Adams Gallery in Yosemite.

I thought I’d put a post together of 10 interesting things that I learned about one of the world’s most famous photographers from Michael. Please note that these are my impressions based on my conversations with Michael.

Read Thomas Hawk’s blog to find out what those 10 interesting things are. 


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