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Why Use a Limited Print Edition and When to Use it

Posted on: 16 June 2008

Over on Epic Edits, Brian has begun a very good discussion of the term “limited print edition.” If you’ve considered using such marketing ideas, you really should read some of his research first.

Begin with What Exactly is a “Limited Edition” print?

I consider a limited edition print to require a signature and number at a minimum. The print should be produced directly by the artist, or under direct supervision of the artist (such as working with a professional print maker). Any size is okay with me (but no smaller than 12″ at the longest dimension), and any size counts as part of the same limited edition. Reprints, such as those from ImageKind, are perfectly fine during or after the limited edition and they shouldn’t devalue the signed prints. Limited edition prints are collectible pieces of art and their value should increase over time.

After you’ve read that post, jump on over to A Closer Look at “Limited Editions.”

In this post Brian offers some suggestions and examples on the legal perspective, definition perspective, historic perspective, modern perspective and of course, your own perspective of the definition of the term “Limited Edition.”


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