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A Cell Phone That Rivals the iPhone

Posted on: 5 July 2008

If you didn’t make it to the Cannes Lions 2008, then you missed something BIG. I was just returning from Yellowstone National Park and nowhere near the UK so I missed it too. But not to worry. They have an excellent website and you have an entire year to preregister for next year.

Anyway, the thing I found that really made my head turn is the new cell phone by Nokia. The Nokia N95 is supposed to be the lastest thing to give competiton to the iPhone. PhotoInduced has photos of the new phone with a camera lens that you can actually add to the phone!!! Yea, I couldn’t believe it either.

As I was walking around the festival, there was a new camera in a lot of hands. The first thing to notice was the incredibly thin body. Then the big honking piece of glass on the front of it.
Finally , I stopped a couple of young creatives carrying 2 of these, who explained the deal;
It wasn’t a camera…well, it was kinda. And a video camera. Oh yeah, and a phone.
The 27 teams of the Young Lions Creative competition at Cannes were given this unit to use in an assignment shot within a 24 hour period.
By giving Nokia a credit card deposit of 1000 Euro (gulp) any festival attendee can get this camera phone for about 24 hours. Once you return it, they own everything you shot using the camera. (via PhotoInduced]

Here’s the Wikipedia definition.

Here’s the c|Net review.

Here’s the 3G review.

Here’s a U-Tube video of the N95 in action.

And finally here is the press release and Nokia’s forum page.



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