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“Truth With A Camera” Workshop

Posted on: 16 July 2008

Update via NPPA:

The long-standing “Truth With A Camera” workshop that Edom Foundation director Dr. Vme Edom Smith back in January said was cancelled for 2008 has been revived by two photojournalists who work for The Virginian-Pilot. …

…The new workshops are planned for the City of Santiago in the Dominican Republic for October 2008, and Camarines Sur in the Philippines in 2009. Dates are yet to be determined for workshops in Ecuador and Kenya….

…Katz and Tyree are picking up the mission statement for the “Truth With A Camera” workshop that has served the seminar since the time it was founded 14 years ago to continue the work of Clifton C. and Vi Edom. The mission statement for the workshop is to “educate photojournalists, not only in current technologies, but in understanding cultural differences and similarities and to contribute to truth, ethics, and social justice.”

For more information see


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