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A New Online Portfolio Option

Posted on: 19 August 2008

Rob Haggart has looked at a lot of photographers’ websites. A LOT.

As the former director of photography for Men’s Journal and photo editor for Outside magazine, he’s made many big decisions based solely on a photographer’s online portfolio.

So it’s no surprise that the tagline for his new photography website company is, “It’s all about the images.” That idea is at the heart of, which launched July 25 with websites from VII photojournalist Antonin Kratochvil and commercial car and motorcycle photographer Bill Cash.

If you know who Haggart is, you probably know him as the creator of If you don’t know him, here’s the deal: He started anonymously blogging the insider details of magazine photo departments in August 2007 while he was still at Men’s Journal. His blog became wildly popular and his identity the subject of intense speculation. Shortly after leaving Men’s Journal and moving out West with his family in December, he dropped his cloak of anonymity – one of the biggest events in the photo blogosphere this year. [via PopPhoto]

Learn more about Rob Haggart and APhotoFolio here.


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