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Photography–The Good and The Bad

Posted on: 20 August 2008

Here’s an alltime low for society.

I won’t claim to be up on every scurrilous low to which the U.S. media have descended during Campaign 2008, but one Israeli newspaper and its affiliate site have fallen to a new low with the publication of what is likely the note Barack Obama placed into the cracks of the Western Wall during his recent visit to Israel.

In a tightly packed schedule, Obama hit all the Israeli high spots, capping it off with a pre-dawn visit to Jerusalem’s Western Wall. As is traditional among visitors (Jewish and Gentile alike), Obama placed a handwritten note in the cracks between the massive stones laid in the days of Herod the Great.

These notes are believed to provide a direct line of communication with the Almighty, and hundreds are placed every day by people seeking comfort, healing, and other support. They are periodically cleaned and placed in traditional Jewish document burial vaults. Jewish tradition prohibits desecration of God’s name on documents through burning, tearing or other forms of destruction. [via Poynter Online]

The rest of the story can be found on their website.


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