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What it Takes to Self-Publish a PhotoBook

Posted on: 14 September 2008

Jörg Colberg of Conscientious discusses the pros and cons of self-publishing a photobook. Later he consults with a number of photographers/artists who offer more suggestions on self-publishing.

In an earlier post, I looked into the kinds of problems one can get with “on-demand” book publishing – where you send off your book (actual the electronic version of it) to be printed somewhere else (only to then get it back with strong magenta casts on thin paper, for example). What appears to be somewhat forgotten is that before on-demand publishing existed, photographers published their own books simply (or maybe I should write “simply”) by printing photographs and then by binding the pages into a book (or getting this last bit done by someone with the necessary skill set).

Needless to say, this type of self publishing seems to require a fair amount of work – but then, the photographer is in full control of the final product (and I’ll take a book produced this way over any on-demand book at any given time – if you’ve ever seen examples of both types you know why); and who says that producing a book should take no time? But how much work exactly? How much does it cost? What does one have to do to create a book like this?

Several photographers/artists were kind enough to send me information about the process etc., which they allowed me to share here. [via Conscientious]


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