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Turning Pet Shots into a Profession

Posted on: 20 September 2008

Today I have two sites that provide information on using the knowledge and skill you already have in photographing pets to the next level and making money from those shots. The first is from Photopreneur.

Sometimes, the secret of building a successful photography business – even a part-time gig squeezed around a full-time job – isn’t hard to figure out. Take good pictures. Treat your clients well. Understand that nothing is more important than making your buyers happy… and they’ll do the rest.

For Grace, that’s true even though she does her photography work in one of the most competitive of fields – one that every camera-owner thinks they can do themselves. She takes pictures of pets. Putting in around 30 hours a week in addition to her job with a Los Angeles advertising agency, Grace shoots what she calls “modern pet photography,” advertising her services through her site Rather than photographing pets in a studio with artificial lights and blank backgrounds, Grace shoots them in their own environment, surrounded by their own toys and in a context which, she says, tells their story. [via Photopreneur]

Next, Photography Business Tips offers some suggestions and also has a video to watch for any budding pet photographers.


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