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More on Model Release Forms

Posted on: 4 October 2008

Now that you know when you need a model release form and why it’s a good idea, the next question is where do you go to find one. I have a personal favorite but know there are others. Here are just a few suggestions.

The ones I use come from I like this site because you can get not only model release forms but other legal forms lease agreements, sales agreements, power of attorney, confidentiality agreement and much, much more.

When you begin making the model release form, there are a number of questions asked so that the form is complete for the state you are shooting in and has your company information too. You can purchase a single user license for $14.95 and download your form for future modivications. There are also multiple use and site subscription licenses you can purchase. offers a similar service. FindLegalForms, like LawDepot has numerous forms. The big difference here is that you have to purchase each type of form individually. They do state on their site that if you were to pay a lawyer for the same service, you would pay upwards of $200. Their costs range from $9.99 for a Model and Talent Release Form to roughly $39.99 for a Product Release.

Finally, the last option I want to discuss is one that is virtually free but takes some time to locate and has no guarantee that the form is legal in your state. For example, on Deviant Art there is a model release form thatn can be viewed in html or as a Word document. You can save this document for free and modify it to fit your needs.

I hope this helps some for those who have a need to “cover their ass-ets.”


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