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Carl Zeiss PhotoScope

Posted on: 10 November 2008

Wildlife photographers start saving now. I just heard about a new PhotoScope by Zeiss. This would have been so handy to have when I was in Yellowstone National Park capturing photos of wild animals. I read the article by The Online Photographer and also watched a YouTube video.

In a “world’s-first-and-only,” Carl Zeiss has announced the PhotoScope 85 T* FL, a spotting scope with a fully integrated digital camera. The 15–45X magnification lens includes calcium fluoride elements for complete elimination of chromatic aberrations. (15X is wide on a spotting scope—into the range usually provided by binoculars—making for easier location of the object you might want magnified.) The imager is 7MP and recording is enabled with standard SD cards. No word on exactly how it works, although Zeiss says image capture is simultaneous with viewing and creates no vibration (a beam splitter?). It’ll be ready for release in Spring/Summer 2009.

Spotting scopes are telescopes optimized for terrestrial viewing, used by birdwatchers and hunters. And now photographers. [via The Online Photographer]

You can also watch a demonstration on YouTube here.


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