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Glass I Want to Add to My Gear Bag

Posted on: 23 November 2008

David Ziser has been sharing what’s in his gear bag. I’ve come across two lenses that I really want in my bag.

The first is a wide-angle lens. I’m beginning to favor landscape photography so much that I am contemplating putting it on my business cards. David has a lens that he highly recommends–the Sigma 12-24mm lens.

I wanted that lens to take in the entire horizon line without having to resort to a fisheye lens and its inherent distortion. Well, along comes Sigma with their introduction of their 12-24mm lens a few years ago.

Read the article and see a few photos taken with this lens.

The other lens that I want to add to my gearbag is a good zoom lens. I’ve been searching for one and I am particularly intersted in the Canon IS lenses. Who doesn’t want image stablization. David has in his bag the Canon 24-105mm IS lens.

So let me quickly recap why this is one of my favorite lenses in my gear bag.

1 — I love the 24-105mm focal length range of the lens. I particularly like the 24 mm settings since I’m a wide angle nut anyway. On a full frame sensor camera, it is plenty wide to create some of the dramatic wide-angle images that I love to create.

2 — The 105mm setting is also a very convenient focal length when shooting portraits of the bride, the groom, or both of them together. It lets me get close without getting too close. At the F 4.0 setting on close up portraits, I’m still able to get the background substantially out of focus.

3 — The intermediate range of the lens also works nicely for all the wedding party group photographs letting me work very quickly in getting those images.

4 — The F4.0 aperture is certainly fast enough for me in most instances. Now, particularly with the new higher ISO cameras becoming available, F4.0 should be more than adequate.

5 — I’ve always been a huge fan of image stabilization. The image stabilization on this lens works beautifully. I have no qualms whatsoever shooting at shutter speeds as slow as 1/10th of a second – handheld. Yes, I do have my motor drive on multiple firings, but I would say, that most of the time the images are more than adequate with image stabilization working beautifully.

Read what he has to say about this zoom lens and again, see some photos taken with it.


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