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Two Good Articles on Observation

Posted on: 13 December 2008

Beyond Phototips has two articles on the art of observation. The first I found is The Fine Art of Observation.

Photography is as much the art of observing and appreciating things as it is the art of capturing them on film. No matter which branch of photography you prefer, you will find that the best photographs are a result of a photographer seeing things that most people miss out on. [via Beyond Phototips]

So what kinds of things does a photographer observe? Well briefly the list includes:

  1. Observe the nature of light
  2. Observe people
  3. Observe reflections and shadows
  4. Observe all the elements in your camera viewfinder
  5. Observe daily life
  6. Observe other photographers

The other article on the same subject is 7 Ways to a More Observant Life.  While you will want to read the full article, the list briefly includes:

  1. Take a painting class
  2. Take note of yourself
  3. Be a mental list-maker
  4. Pay attention to details
  5. Listen to what people say
  6. Spend some time everyday just watching people
  7. Remember that you need to observe things

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