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Five Tips For Making Great iPhone Photos

Posted on: 29 December 2008

My iPhone has been like crack to me since the day one on the market, June 3, 2007. Most of us iPhone users make regular and swift use of the impressive ‘Net, email, and location-based tools, but as a professional creative I’m always using the built-in camera to grab snaps of anything that catches my eye for ideas, inspiration, and such. In fact–in case you didn’t know–I post daily mobile iPhone snaps to my Facebook page and my Twitter account for fun (friend/follow if you’re interested.)

That said, I dunno if it’s been the pile of comments I’ve received from those sources, the numerous ranting requests via email, or the hilarious fact that someone actually started a Facebook group called “Chase Jarvis Shoots Better Pics with His iPhone Than I Could With a Hasselblad”, but I figured–since people have grumbled to me about such challenges and since grabbing snapshots is a part of my daily creative routine for staying fresh and inspired–that it would be good fun to post a quick ‘how to’ checklist for making great iPhone pictures. So here goes: [via Chase Jarvis Blog]

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check out this new Facebook group called “iPhone photos by Professional Photographers”

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