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PDN’s Top 40 Online Stories of 2008

Posted on: 6 January 2009

In 2008, almost every business PDN covers was hurt in some way by the recession. The year opened with the news that Getty Images, the world’s biggest photo licensor, was for sale. As the months progressed, we reported on hard times for stock agencies, newspapers and magazines, fine art, and advertising. Free digital content became increasingly popular – a positive development in so many ways, yet one that has yielded alarming few opportunities for photo licensing.

As December closed, our look back at the year left us feeling depressed. But when we crunched the numbers to see which stories were most popular among PDN’s Internet readers in 2008, we were pleasantly surprised. You sought out stories about the latest gear and new technology. You spent a lot of time with articles that could help improve your workflow and learn new skills. And you were drawn into spirited debates about the substance of photographs, especially about the impact of political images in this historic election year. [via PDN]

This is a really great read, you’ll want to bookmark it for future reference in 2009.


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