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Your Questions Answered by the Photo Attorney

Posted on: 7 January 2009

The first question: Can a new photographer copy pricing structures of other photographers?

Q. I’m starting a new photography business. May I use another photographer’s pricing structure to set my own?

A. It’s difficult, even for the experienced photographer, to know what prices to charge for your services. Fortunately, there are many resources to help, including these:… [ via Photo Attorney]

Read the rest of the story to find out what suggestions are recommended.

The second question: Who signs the model release?

Q. I took photos of people who were minors at the time of the shoot. They are now adults. I want to use the photos for stock. Who do I now ask to sign the model release – the parents or the models?

A. Because minors can later disaffirm (void) contracts, you need the minor’s parent/guardian’s consent to use the minor’s name/likeness for commercial purposes. [via Photo Attorney]

Read the rest of the story.


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