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The Biggest Secret of Photography

Posted on: 6 February 2009

You’ll hear this over and over from the photographers that I interview: Take your dang camera with you everywhere!…

So this is basic point: Take your camera around with you everywhere. In fact that’s your assignment for this coming weekend: Take your camera with you for one whole day (nope, sorry your iPhone doesn’t count for this, nice try.) I mean your camera, your point and shoot, your cool new DSLR, your granddad’s 4×5, whatever you’ve got. Take it with you for the whole day and shoot. In fact set it up the night before by the bed so you pick it up first thing and grab shots the whole day.

Then next day process them and pick out your best and send it to me. Tell me a bit of the story if you’d like and I’ll post the ones that really grab me, deal? [via Digital Photography School]

Read the rest of the story.


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