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How To Use Sports Mode

Posted on: 13 February 2009

Today DPS has guest speaker who talks about using one of the automatic features on most new DSLRs–Sports Mode. How do you use this and get something other than a bunch of blury photos. Peter Carey gives some good pointers.

First off, Sports Mode is the little running figure that looks like this. While exact settings vary from camera manufacturer to camera manufacturer, most of this description holds true no matter which camera you use.  Sports Mode is a quick setting to adapt the camera with these typical settings:

  • Increase ISO variably to higher setting
  • Reduce f/stop for a shallower depth of field
  • Increase shutter speed to help stop fast action
  • Increase frame advance to highest setting (measured in frames per second or fps)
  • Adjust auto focus mode to adaptive or artificial servo

Read more: How To Use Sports Mode


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