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Indoor Sports Photography

Posted on: 18 February 2009

I do a lot of landscape photography and have the luxury of the landscape not moving. My biggest problem is whether or not I have my tripod to avoid any of my own movement.

However, if you enjoy shooting moving objects, you’ll want to read this article by guest blogger, Christina Dickson over on DPS.

Winter’s here for many of us, and so is the common place for indoor sports. Basketball. Volleyball. Gymnastics. Sure, indoor sports are fun to participate in and watch, but let’s face it; Indoors sports aren’t the easiest of events to shoot for a photographer.

During my time as a high school basketball photographer, I spent significant time developing the skills to produce sharp, action packed, and exciting photos for the team. It was not uncommon to find myself in a gym with such low light that even 1600 ISO didn’t produce results. Like the time when district championships were held in the gym with the worst lighting in the county. Even the big photojournalists there were limited.

Here are some things to consider when photographing sports: [via DPS]


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