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Fisheye Photography Done Right

Posted on: 11 April 2009

When you want to capture the whole horizon from end to end, and you don’t mind—better yet, you love—distortion, grab a fisheye lens.

Developed for weather cameras (among the first was the 1924 “Sky Lens,” designed to capture entire cloud formations), fisheyes are named for their extremely-close focusing, convex-shaped glass elements. Art photographers and other fans have long since jumped into the fun. If you’ve never tried one, it’s worth borrowing or renting a fisheye lens at least once.

Fisheyes come in two varieties. Full-framers cast an image circle larger than the film or sensor frame, yielding conventionally shaped rectangular images. Circular fisheyes, on the other hand, capture the entire image circle, usually a 180-degree, hemispherical slice of everything in front of the camera—even the photographer’s feet. [via PopPhoto]

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