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Top 10 Ways to Get Attention on Flickr

Posted on: 11 May 2010

Thomas Hawk has been documenting how to get your photos viewed over on Flickr.
In 2006 he had these suggestions:

  1. Take great pictures
  2. You get one shot a day
  3. Interestingness
  4. Fav lots of photos
  5. When you post counts
  6. Blog your photos
  7. Tell everyone you know about Flickr
  8. Post your photos to lots of groups
  9. Reciprocate everyone who makes you a contact
  10. Tag your photos religiously

In 2008 he made the following changes:

  1. Take great pictures (same as #1 in 2006)
  2. The order you post your photos to Flickr counts (similar to #5 in 2006)
  3. Consider places outside of Flickr to promote your photography (similar to #6 in 2006)
  4. Do you have your settings on Flickr configured for maximum exposure
  5. Explore
  6. Groups (same as #8 in 2006)
  7. Tag for exploration (same as #10 in 2006)
  8. Geotag
  9. Consider creating a few “best of” sets and feature them prominently on your Flickrstream
  10. Tell Everyone you know about your Flickrstream (same as #7 in 2006)

Now in 2010 he has even more changes:

  1. The order that you publish your photos in matters — a lot (same as #2 in 2008
  2. Explore (same as #5 in 2008)
  3. Promote your photos outside of Flickr (same as #3 in 2008)
  4. Avoid watermarking, small-sized low-res photos, frames and other gimmicky crap
  5. Mooooooooooooo (Moo cards.)
  6. Groups (same as #6 in 2008)
  7. Fave it forward (similar to #4 in 2006)
  8. Tag for discovery (similar to #7 in 2008)
  9. Are you allowing the search engines to index your photos? (similar to #4 in 2008)
  10. Certain subjects just seem to garner more attention.

I find it interesting how some items change over time. Obviously with the changes in technology and the advances in Flickr there will be more that photographers can do online (i.e. geotagging). Read the articles for each year to gain a more indepth understanding of the tips that Thomas Hawk is speaking of and then get on over to Flickr and start having fun.


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