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Able Camera Straps

Posted on: 14 May 2010

Today’s post comes to you from The Professional Photographer. I found a review on a company that sells comfortable and practical camera straps. Here is a list of just a few of the things that Betsy Finn  enjoyed about the new straps.

I want to highlight several features that help Abie Camera Straps to stand out from the ordinary camera straps I’ve used in the past:

• Comfort—In case I haven’t emphasized it enough, the straps are well padded, yet are somehow not bulky to wear.

• Quick Release Buckles—The straps feature a pair of plastic buckles that allow you to change out camera straps easily, or even go strapless. I appreciated this because I like wearing a camera strap on location, but having a strap on my camera in the studio inhibits my shooting style (I use a camera stand).

• Plenty of Length—Since I am rather short (5’3″), the strap “ends” (that connect to the camera) were longer than I needed. This is a nice feature, as my husband (6’2″) can rarely find a camera strap that allows the camera to hang properly. For myself, though, I trimmed off about six inches of excess length on each side (with more to spare). If you do decide to trim your straps, just make sure to heat the newly cut ends so that the nylon will not fray.

• Secret Pocket—Aside from the comfort factor, the straps are very well constructed, with a hidden pocket to hold an extra Compact Flash card (on the underside of the strap). [see below]

• No-Slip Backing—The backside of the strap, regardless of your strap’s motif, is soft black suede. I really enjoyed this feature because it kept the strap from sliding off my shoulder when I was working.

Able Straps is not up and running yet, but you can check out their website for a preview and information.


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