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The Polester From Longshot Camera Systems

Posted on: 16 May 2010

When I first saw this, I thought it was some kind of a joke. I read the review by Betsy Linn over on Professional Photographer and then I watched the video clip on Longshot Camera Systems. I can see some situations where this might be fun to try out, but that’s it–fun. If however, your occupation requires you to take photos in some precarious positions, you may find more practical application for such a device. My biggest concern is the pole. The very idea of giving up some of my balance in order to hold such a device is … well, uncomfortable to say the least.

If you are an event photographer looking for a way to get “the shot” that requires being heads above everyone else, the Polester is a great tool to have. It would be great for evidence photographers, or press photojournalists. But for typical portrait work, it may not be worth lugging around. I might bring it along to a sports event or a wedding in the future in order to get a nice “scene” shots, but I am pretty sure I will not be bringing it on another portrait session.

Depending on the size of your camera, you may need either the point and shoot trigger device, or the larger DSLR trigger device. While both do a good job, it’s a lot easier, physically, to hold the point and shoot up for any length of time than it is to hold a DSLR up in the air at the end of a pole.

The Polester was originally invented to allow contractors and inspectors to easily photograph places that were hard (or dangerous) to get to. There are two version of the Polester, both of which retail for $199. For more information about the Polester, or to watch a demonstrational video, visit Longshot Camera Systems.

Read the article here.


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