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21 Clever Uses of Geometric Patterns in Photography

Posted on: 2 June 2010

When I look at something that I am interested in photographing, I am very aware of patterns and light. I look for the patterns within the object whether it be nature or stock photography. I look to see where the light is coming from and where it places the shadows. That being said, I came across this article which shows a number of photos depicting geometric patterns within the photographs. Take a look for yourself.

Properly photographed architecture is an art unto itself, doing so that showcases the unique aspects of a building, or portions of a building really takes your breath away.  Same thing can be said about light and how shadows have a direct impact on it.  Framing these photos it’s hard to say if the photographers goal was to showcase geometric patterns as the primary focal point, but they sure did a great job of it (via Light Stalking).


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