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It was a twenty-one hour drive home and we drove straight through. I’ve learned lots about myself. One thing I’ve learned is that I enjoy driving at night and seem to be a bit nocturnal.

I took almost 1000 photos over vacation. Not nearly as many as I had hoped. I lost some on a bad card. [At least I think the card was bad. It could also have been user error.] Unfortunately there were some good photos of the only wolf we saw in the park close up and some of the quaint little town we visited.

Now to get back into “work” mode.

As luck would have it, the weather was beautiful today. The sun is shining and we have to leave this beautiful place. I’ve never seen a lake like Yellowstone Lake. It is one of nature’s most spectacular sights. It is much more akin to an ocean with the exception that instead of looking out at the horizon, you look out at the mountain ranges. It’s huge; it’s beautiful, and her waves make soft melodic sounds just like the ocean. All that was missing was the sea, salty air.

Yellowstone Lake

On our way out we were blessed again with the sight of a mother Moose and her baby while in the Grand Tetons National Parks.

Baby Moose


How I spent my summer vacation.

Well, it looked like winter a lot of the time.

Most of the time we spent at The Lake was indoors viewing the lake from the inside. It snowed inches and inches for the first two days and nights that we were there.

The Lake Hotel Entrance

Snow on The Lake

Snow on the Lake Cabins

We ate and read and did laundry and just hung out a lot at the Lake Lodge.

Lake Lodge

One morning on our way to the Lodge for breakfast we were blessed to see a mama grizzly with her two cubs. What a wonderful treat. I was so glad we had taken the car that day and decided not to walk.


It seemed she was teaching them how to dig for food.

Teaching Girzzlys

Just as we were leaving Roosevelt and beginning our drive for the Lake Hotel we came upon a group of folks hanging on a fence. The surprise was a gift too good to be true. A mule deer had just given birth to two babies and she was in the process of cleaning them in the middle of a pasture. What a beautiful sight to see.


New Life

The drive to the Lake Hotel was a very rainy, cold, and sometimes snowy drive. Through it all, however, it was always beautiful. Take for instance this example of the new growth mixed in with the remains of the fire 20 years ago.

the new and the old

Lone Tree in Snow

Of course, along the way there were bathroom stops…no matter how cold it may have been.

Bathroom in Snow

Last day in Roosevelt. If the roads stay open we’ll be heading for the Lake tomorrow.

Roosevelt Lodge

Inside Roosevelt Lodge

BEAR CROSSING! Literally! This was soooo cool.

Bear Crossing

Home on the range.

Bison herd

Saw more animals today. These little creatures were feeding along the road. The deer are so much more timid than the elk.

Bright-eyed Deer

Roosevelt doesn’t have a hotel–just cabins. Again, if you make reservations at least a year in advance you may be lucky enough to get one of the few dozen or so that has electric heating and a bathroom. The rest have no bathrooms (you have to walk to the bathrooms/showers) and they have wood burning stoves.

Roosevelt Cabins

We did manage to make it to the North Entrance where we saw the famous Roosevelt Arch.

Roosevelt Arch

We had originally made arrangements to go on a buggy ride and a horseback ride but the day we were supposed to leave it began snowing fiercely.

Buffalo in Snow

We left Old Faithful Inn and headed for Roosevelt Lodge yesterday. It’s clear the animals are all farther up north.

First we came upon a coyote getting some sun outside of it’s den.


There were lots of elk at Mammoth. They were all over that little town.

Elk at Mammoth

Because it’s Spring time, there were lots of babies everywhere.

Baby Elk

This black bear cub was wandering around without it’s mama.

Black Bear Cub

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