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For wedding photographers, same-sex marriage shows signs of being good for business. Several states now allow gay marriages or civil unions. More states are likely to follow suit sooner or later, giving gay and lesbian couples across the country an impetus to throw weddings large and small.

Of course, they need photographers and other wedding vendors. But given the controversy around same-sex marriage, the gay and lesbian wedding business is somewhat fraught. Couples worry about which vendors are gay friendly. And photographers are apt to wonder whether they might alienate straight clients by shooting gay weddings.

Now a growing cadre of photographers, frequently driven by a strong sense of social justice, is actively marketing to gay clients. The photographers are counting on a growing acceptance of same-sex marriage around the country to help drive demand in the gay wedding industry.

Among them is photographer Charlotte Geary of Manitou Springs, Colorado, who shot her first same-sex wedding for a lesbian couple in 2006. [via PDN]

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Many photographers dream of setting up a Web site to sell prints of their work, then sitting back while the orders (and the money) come in.

It turns out that selling prints online is hard work. Competition is fierce, not only from other photographers, but from graphic artists and illustrators offering decorative prints through their online stores. And buyers are often reluctant to purchase prints they haven’t actually seen, except at a relatively low price or from a big name photographer.

For photographers determined to try, however, it is possible to generate modest revenue  from online print sales. Colorado photographer Cole Thompson has been selling prints online for several years, and earned $20,000 in revenue last year. In this audio slide show, he describes how he drives traffic to his Web site and sells prints by methodically building relationships with his customers. [via PDN]

Check out the video slideshow.


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